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Eccentric beers and shirts, this is the winning combo offered by ZYTHOLOGIST. Equipped with their colorful attire, our two Crafters produce modern beers inspired by their many travels. As their outfit indicates, they founded their micro-brewery on the Hawaiian theme.

A few years ago, Nicolas and Bruno's friendship was borned during beer tastings where all their senses were used. This beverage became quickly a common passion. This is why they started studies of zythology and experimentation with their first brews. Always thirsty for knowledge, our 2 Zythologist's began micro-brewers studies.




You will understand, the brewing richness have (almost) no secrets for them. After having explored Belgium, they decide to discover foreign beers whose different styles arouse in them the desire to share their knowledge. They even create, with friends, their own festival The Place to Beer ” at the Trazegnies Castle.


"Belgian know-how inspired by foreign flavors"

After thousands of tastings, hundreds of recipes tested (and often not approved), dozens of festivals and 4 years of studies, they opened their own craft micro-brewery in Gouy-Lez-Piéton, a small village near Charleroi, at the end of 2020. From there is born ZYTHOLOGIST, a Belgian know-how inspired by foreign flavors.


Nicolas Puccini "Lord Brewing Director"


Engineer during day, he put his super-crafter's cloak at night. Active in finance, he will take care of the management of the brewery and the preparation of recipes. As perfectionist and workaholic, “Pucc” will give body and soul to satisfy his bucket list: drink his own beer in Honolulu.

Bruno Guiot “Lord Sales Ambassador”

Part-time coffee roaster and full-time Beergeek, Bruno will mainly take care of the sales. He is a human craft encyclopedia. This "bon vivant" likes to unite and will animate your wildest parties. Its creative touch will certainly lead to beers more funky than the others.

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